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Gas Lines

Natural gas can be a cost effective way to use most of your appliances. Installing gas lines for different pieces of equipment is something our experienced plumbers have years of experience doing.  If you want an estimate or need a new gas line, you’re in luck!  Call us today to setup your free estimate!  We have years of experiencing installing gas lines for:

  • Gas stoves
  • Gas grills
  • Water heaters
  • Fireplaces

Same day service!  If you approve the job, we will start immediately!  If you approve the work, we’ll get it done the same day!

Emergency Gas Line Repairs

Did you know that natural gas is also apart of the plumbing system? In fact, almost half of the plumbing in a residential home can be gas lines alone!  Homeowners should ensure that these lines carefully maintained and that only licensed professionals work on them!

In your home, a gas leak is inherently one of the most dangerous things that can occur. PG&E, as well as other gas companies, add a sulfur-like rotten egg smell to the natural gas.  IF YOU SMELL THIS, get out immediately and call emergency personnel at 911.  After the emergency is over and the gas company has turned off the gas, call Discount Plumbing to come fix the problem!

We offer Emergency Service, 24/7! Gas leaks are dangerous and cannot be ignored.  Our employees have extensive experience in working with gas lines and have the necessary tools and parts to complete most gas line repair jobs.

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