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Tree Root Intrusion

Tree root intrusion is a fancy way of saying that tree roots have gotten into your sewer line. Root intrusion is one of the primary causes of clogs in your main sewer drain, and as a result the number one reason homeowners call for rooter service.  Homes built prior to the 1980’s will tend to have sewer lines that were made from clay, cast iron or other porous material that will crack, collapse or corrode due to age.  These are just a few of the ways that tree roots find their way into your pipes and become a problem for you.

Our sewer line experts service Stanislaus County, Merced County, San Joaquin County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County and Santa Clara County.

How Do Roots Get In Your Sewer?

Tree roots seek out water sources so that they can grow. If a root finds a crack in your sewer pipe, it will latch on and grow into the pipe so that it can absorb the water inside. As you can see from the picture below (a real picture from a customer of ours), this can be the cause of a backed up line.; this is true because the roots will grow into a ball and cause a clog. If the ball isn’t full grown, then as you use your home’s plumbing grease, paper and other debris that goes down through your sewer line will collect and cause the clog to happen much faster. Below is a picture that actually shows the roots trying to get into the pipe.

What are Signs of Roots in Your Sewer?

One of the sure fire indications that there is problem with your main sewer line is that multiple plumbing fixtures inside your home are backing up. Alternatively, if your shower backs up when the toilet is flushed or if the toilet isn’t flushing and bubbling these could also be signs of roots.  If this happens to you it’s time to call Discount Plumbing and let the experts solve the problem!

Discount Plumbing’s Rooter Services

Our expert technicians at Discount Plumbing will work with you
to clear the roots in your sewer line.  Plus, as a courtesy we’ll even provide a video pipe inspection to see exactly where the problem is!  Our technician will then give you multiple options on how to solve your problem and get your line working again.  Discount Plumbing specializes in sewer line repair and replacement, we have done thousands of them over the twenty years we’ve been in business.

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