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The Leader in Pipe Descaling in Modesto, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Hard minerals in water gradually gather along the walls of sewer, drain, and water lines. This is what’s referred to as “pipe scale,” and it can affect how your pipes function. If this is a problem you’re dealing with in Modesto, CA, and nearby communities, contact Discount Plumbing Heating & Air about descaling.

Before Recommending Descaling…What You Need to Know About Descaling

Pressurized water is a common way to descale pipes, with a hose that has an attached descaling nozzle. This scrubs away hardened minerals and clears away any other debris. If hydro jetting isn’t ideal for a pipe, chemicals may be used to remove scale and dissolve materials such as calcium, magnesium, and rust. Among the benefits associated with descaling are:

★ Improved pipe flow
★ Reduced risk of deterioration and corrosion
★ Longer lifespans for your pipes
★ Fewer drain issues due to increased flow

Before Recommending Descaling…

The overall condition of the pipe is one of the factors we consider before we even recommend descaling. It’s important to do this to make sure the right scale removal methods are what we perform. This is typically done with an inspection of the affected pipe, something that we can conduct efficiently.

Sewer Pipe Issues That Necessitate Descaling

Sewer pipes can be affected by clogs, blockages, breaks, and leaks. These are all problems that may be related, in part, to an accumulation of pipe scale. It’s often caused by various minerals in water and the ones that rub off from certain pipe materials like cast iron. Hard water is another reason why scale may accumulate over time. Be sure to watch out for:

● Recurring clogs and backups
● Water pressure in your home that steadily decreases
● Discolored water
● Slow drainage
● Unpleasant odors – caused by backups resulting from restricted flow

Rely on Our Experts

Discount Plumbing Heating & Air is a family business that has been providing first-rate service in California for more than 40 years now. Our team of licensed, certified, and trusted technicians consistently keeps customer satisfaction in mind with:

★ Quality workmanship
★ Fair, honest pricing prior to any work being done
★ Courteous, respectful team members
★ 24/7 service when urgent assistance is needed

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Get Your Pipes Cleaned and Descaled Today

Descaling can be a standalone process or combined with a thorough cleaning. Regardless of what’s going on with your pipes, trust Discount Plumbing Heating & Air to leave you with fully flowing sewer, water, or drain lines in Modesto, CA, or any of the nearby areas we serve in the Central Valley. Contact us today to find out if your pipes can benefit from our descaling service or book online by clicking here.

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