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The Top Choice for Pipe Bursting in Modesto, CA and Nearby Areas

When pipes in Modesto, CA, or any other areas we serve in the Central Valley sustain severe damage, dig-and-replace is no longer your only option. Another way we replace them is with pipe bursting, a trenchless solution available from Discount Plumbing Heating & Air. This approach gives you a new pipe with less disruption and more efficiency.

Common Issues Affecting Pipes

This method is often a viable option if a pipe is too damaged to undergo repairs. With sewer and drain lines, common issues that can contribute to this type of damage include:

● Structural damage from movements in the ground
● Widespread issues with corrosion
● Damage caused by age and general use
● Partial or full collapses caused by severe wear, strain, or damage

The Basics of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is done to “burst” or break up a pipe so a new one can be installed. We utilize a special bursting head that fractures the damaged pipe into small pieces. As this is done, a new pipe is brought in and put into place within the space that was occupied by the old pipe, which is pushed downward as it’s broken up. There’s no excavation and no need to bring the old pipe to the surface, making it an extremely streamlined, environmentally friendly, and efficient process.

What We Consider Before Recommending Pipe Bursting

Location is one of the factors we consider when determining if pipe bursting is appropriate. We also take into account whether or not there are special circumstances that may apply, such as being mindful of nearby structures or underground lines. Lastly, we consider what the client may prefer when discussing pipe bursting and any other available options.

Count on Our Team

Quality workmanship at a fair price is what you can expect from Discount Plumbing Heating & Air. When you contact us about pipes, drains, or anything else plumbing-related, you’ll benefit from:

★ Accurate, honest estimates you’ll approve before we get to work
★ Timely arrivals by well-prepared team members
★ Work performed by licensed, certified, and trusted technicians
★ Up-front pricing
★ Complete cleanup once we are done

We work with the top tier manufacturers in the country, click here to learn more.

Give Our Team a Call Today

Our commitment to quality extends to all services we offer at Discount Plumbing Heating & Air, including pipe bursting. This is just one of the many ways we help our clients in Modesto, CA, and nearby areas get results that offer much-appreciated savings and value. Call us or submit our online form today to find out if pipe bursting is suitable for your situation.

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